Sleepy & Lonely

by Peanut

My name is Peanut, and I'm a pit bull.

But you already knew that. 

Hi. I haven't written in a while. 

Why? Because reasons.....

Sometimes a dogs gotta do what a dog's gotta do.

In case your wondering the hat's for the 1 year anniversary of my daddy bringing me home.

Lately I've been so sleepy.

So very sleepy. 

Maybe it's the heat.

But when I'm awake I get so lonely. 

Daddy's been gone a lot recently. And when he's home he takes these pictures for me. 

He laughs at them for some reason. 

I like my house because it supports my face like this. 

I wish he would open the door though.

Recently I started modeling. This is my look back. I'm going to make lots of money.

Maybe I'll buy a new home, one with no door.

My name is Peanut and I'm a pit bull.