Hide and Seek

by Peanut

My Parents are Neglecting Me

Everyday, they leave me. And they don’t come back for hours and hours. 

It’s fine at first,  because there are lots of toys and yummy snacks. They keep me busy. But the thing is, they never tell me they’re leaving. So then while I’m playing, I suddenly realize that they’re gone. 

And then I start to panic. The other day, I had to break down a door because I thought they were outside. (And because I needed to poop really badly)

I also have to open doors. Who knows, maybe they got stuck inside or something.

And then I have to dig through all these plastic bags. I thought maybe there might be clues buried in them.

And yesterday, I pushed open another door, just to see if they were there. AND I GOT STUCK INSIDE. It was that room with lots of water, where Dad and I sometimes shower. I was SCARED. I cried (just a little), but of course no one came to help me.

After a while, I heard Mom come back home. She started shouting my name. “Peanut! Peaaanuutt!!” I was about to answer, but then I got a great idea. 

I would just stay quiet. 

It would be like hide and seek.

It was really funny. I could hear Mom walking all over the house, calling me. I think she started to panic too. At one point, I heard her say;

 “Oh my God.”

She finally found me. She looked really white, like a ghost. And she just walked away without saying a word. I followed her and tried to give her kisses, but she still ignored me. She kept walking back and forth the house. 

When she finally talked to me, she said;

You silly puppy! You silly puppy! I thought you were kidnapped or dead! You silly puppy!

I think she was scared, just like I get scared when Dad and Mom abandon me.

My name is Peanut and I'm a pit bull.