The Lick Monster

by Peanut

A while ago, I wrote about nicknames I have. Well, “The Lick Monster” is a new one.

I like to lick people. 

I really, really do. I think it shows that I love them. And it’s a good way to make people laugh. 

This is me licking Mom’s foot.

And me trying to lick Dad.

When you lick someone, you need to be very stubborn about it. A lot of people try to pull away when you lick them. But that’s just because they’re surprised or they’re not used to it. If you’re stubborn about it, they’ll slowly realize that it’s good to be licked. Eventually, they’ll start asking for ‘kisses’, which is basically another way of saying ‘licks’. And then they become really happy when you do lick them.

If you want some of my licks, stop by our house. You’re welcome anytime.

My name is Peanut and I'm a pit bull.