My Name is Peanut, But……

by Peanut

I have a lot of nick names.

Both Dad and Mom call me ‘Baby’ or ‘Baby Boy’. Sometimes it gets even longer, like ‘My Baby Boy’ or ‘My Sweet Baby Boy’. Sometimes Dad will make up really long nicknames for me. Like 'Peanut  the Passed Out Pitbull' or 'Peanut the Peeing, Pooping, Pitbull Puppy'. I think he thinks they're funny, but they're not

Dad likes to call me Puppington. I don’t know why, but it’s his special nickname for me so I love it.

Mom calls me Pea-pea. It might come from ‘pee pee’, because she had to clean up after my accidents a few times. She also calls me Putt-putt. I think it comes from my butt? I don’t know. Mom is a bit weird.

Today, Dad gave me a new nickname; Sneezy. 

Because I sneeze a lot lately, especially in the morning. But I think Dad should be called Sneezy too, because he’s always sneezing. Probably more than me. Maybe Dad can be Sneezy and I can be Sneezy Junior?

My name is Peanut and I'm a pit bull.