Let Me Teach You How to Bed

by Peanut

I Love My Bed

So Soft, So Comfy

And I’ve only wet it once. Or twice. Or five times.

Anyways, it was hard figuring out my bed in the beginning. This is a picture of one of my earliest days with my bed. See how awkward I look?

Now, I’m a Master

I invented several different ways to sleep in my bed.

I call this The Pillow. See how cleverly I use the edge of my bed? It’s great for light naps, because I can lift my head up easily.

This is The Snuggle. It’s really comfortable. It feels like my bed is hugging me.

This is The Butt Cushion. I like lying on my back, but the floor hurts my butt so my bed helps protect it.

This is the opposite. It’s called The Head Cushion. It’s great for stretching my back. I can also stretch my legs too, if I want.

This is The Contrast. I know, it looks funny. But it’s actually really clever. I purposefully sleep on the floor, so when I get into my bed it feels a hundred times better than usual.

Do you other dog's have your own favorite sleeping position? Like/Share/Comment and let me know what it is.....and let me sniff your butt while we're at it.

I'm Peanut, and I'm a pit bull.