They Left Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Peanut

Maybe It's Because I Ate a Door

Why cruel world!?!? WHY?? It's only a door. And part of a wall. And a couple doggie bags with food. And some paper. 

It's not my fault dad put them in my way and I was trying to find him. 

A few days later, Dad took me to the scary place with the butt people. 


I barked for an hour to tell him I’m sorry, but he didn’t come back.

Still, I’m strong, because I’m a pit bull. 

I just acted casual and pretended like everything was okay.

It turns out, the scary place with the butt people isn’t that scary. 

And the butt people didn’t touch my butt at all. 

They’re actually really nice. 

They came to play with me and stuff. 

I wanted to take pictures, but I didn’t have my camera on me.

They Came Back!

And then this morning, Dad and Mom came back!!! FINALLY!!!!! I was so excited, I accidentally peed on Mom. I was about to pee on Dad, but I managed to hold it in because he looked mad.

They both showered me with hugs and kisses. Mom said something about a place called Malaysia and how fun it was. She and Dad got me a new toy from there too. I guess this means they weren’t angry at me!

So now I'm hungry, where can I find a good door?

I'm Peanut and I'm a pit bull.