Someone Let Their Poodle Bite Me

by Peanut

But I Just Walked it Off

Some poodle bit me. But I'm a mature, almost-teenager, so I sat there, and let my parents take care of it. Dad looked really angry. He started talking about SOPs and how terrible they are. I don’t know what a SOP is.

I have something called allergies.
I think it must run in the family because dad has allergies too and I guess I got them from him.

My parents took me to some weird guy.
That weird guy scares me.
He's always injecting me or sticking things in my butt or washing out my ears or something.
I did feel better though but seriously....butt stuff.

Allergies suck.

Here is my good ear.

And here is my bad ear (and some unmentionables)

I get hungry. Mom and dad make me wait before I eat.


I learned to climb!!!! And put holes in the floor!!!!!!!!!!! Here's me in action.

I call this "Peanut's Great Escape"

Never leave me alone......ever.....

Apparently I'm going to be a movie star. But I think I need new gear.

Finally here is my secret park that I go to. Mom said it's called "Illegal". Dad said it's called "fine".

Illegal/Fine, who cares what they call it, I just like being able to run around.

I'm Peanut and I'm a pit bull.