Sleepy & Lonely

My name is Peanut, and I'm a pit bull. But you already knew that.  Hi. I haven't written in a while.  Why? Because reasons..... Sometimes a dogs gotta do what a dog's gotta do. In case your wondering the hat's for the 1 year anniversary of my daddy bringing me home.

Hide and Seek

My Parents are Neglecting Me Everyday, they leave me. And they don’t come back for hours and hours.  It’s fine at first,  because there are lots of toys and yummy snacks. They keep me busy. But the thing is, they never tell me they’re leaving. So then while I’m playing, I suddenly realize that they’re gone.  And then I start to panic. The other day, I had to break down a door because I thought they were outside. (And because I needed to poop really badly) I also have to open doors.

The Lick Monster

A while ago, I wrote about nicknames I have. Well, “The Lick Monster” is a new one. I like to lick people.  I really, really do. I think it shows that I love them. And it’s a good way to make people laugh.  This is me licking Mom’s foot. And me trying to lick Dad. When you lick someone, you need to be very stubborn about it. A lot of people try to pull away when you lick them. But that’s just because they’re surprised or they’re not used to it. If you’re stubborn about it, they

My New Friend

I made a new friend a few weeks ago. Dad and I were just walking by, and there he was. Sitting right next to a house. That’s how we met. He’s really shy. I don’t even know his name. But I think it might be Woody. He’s always there, every single day. Even on that rainy day when Mom forced me to go out, he was sitting there patiently. I think he’s waiting for me, actually.  We’ve never really spoken, mainly because he’s so shy. Maybe one day he’ll talk to me. Maybe he never will.

My Name is Peanut, But……

I have a lot of nick names. Both Dad and Mom call me ‘Baby’ or ‘Baby Boy’. Sometimes it gets even longer, like ‘My Baby Boy’ or ‘My Sweet Baby Boy’. Sometimes Dad will make up really long nicknames for me. Like 'Peanut  the Passed Out Pitbull' or 'Peanut the Peeing, Pooping, Pitbull Puppy'. I think he thinks they're funny, but they're not Dad likes to call me Puppington. I don’t know why, but it’s his special nickname for me so I love it. Mom calls me Pea-pea. It might come